On this page you’ll find links to websites that may be helpful in your own spiritual practice and journey.

If you would like your website added, please leave a comment with your details. Comments are moderated, which means that I will see your message first and will then upload your details if they appropriately support the aims of this blog.

This is my home temple in Japan where I was ordained. The website is in English and if you’re visiting Mt Koya you can book a room there for the night – the food is fantastic!

Watermoon Refuge
This is the spiritual home of my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Swami Lotus, in Atlanta Georgia. Lotus offers stillness and great wisdom.

Pregnancy Yoga
Treana is a warm-hearted woman with deep compassion, who I would highly recommend as a yoga teacher. Even if you can’t get to her classes (Bassendean, Western Australia), her website has wonderful sharing stories about pregnancy and birth.

Path of Reiki
Kim is a Shingon Buddhist priest living in the UK, who also offers reiki treatments, teachings and retreats.

International House of Reiki
This website contains a great deal of solid information about reiki, particularly as a modern practice based on the traditional spiritual practices of Japan. Frans’s blog is also very interesting with insights about his own journey and about his attempts to recover the original Japanese spirit of reiki.

Noosa Wellness
Deidre is a fellow pilgrim in Queensland who has an inspiring blog and also a number of video clips for meditation and spiritual wellness.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Kate, I am inspired knowing that you are always searching for higher knowing to share with everyone as best you can. I have been on your list and you sent me back my special blessed gift from your visit to Japan and the temples. Thankyou for that, I have my spiritual well being website to reach as many people as possible. I have followed my inner-spirit and have loved how passionate I feel about my path and how it is evolving. Love and being generous to all of us is truly the answer. I love your website and you have so many great topics. I feel comforted by the knowing that you too have been constantly reaching to stretch yourself when things have not seemed right. Kate you have followed what doors do open to you. Its a real learning experience all the time. My website is keep up the great work Kate, Love and Light, Dierdre xx

    • It was lovely to get your comments, Deidre. Your website, by the way, has lots of interesting information – I really like your focus on the importance of community and I think you are very brave in making your own wonderful videos – well done! You have a calming voice that works very well in that medium.

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