Guided Meditation

I would like to share with you a thirty-minute deep relaxation guided meditation that I recorded in a sound studio, but I can’t seem to upload it on this page. However, if you’d like to receive this meditation, let me know by leaving me a message (which won’t be uploaded publicly) and I’ll send it to you by attachment to your email address.

The meditation is accompanied by the beautiful music of shakuhachi flute (Japanese bamboo flute) and is for achieving a deep relaxation. Throughout the meditation, I gently brings your awareness to each part of your body in turn, whilst focussing on your breath. This meditation will bring you a sense of deep restfulness.

You can listen to the meditation either sitting or lying down, because it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, it just means that your body is tired and needs the rest. This meditation is said to be worth four hours of sleep and you will feel very refreshed afterwards, even if at first you might continue to feel a little sleepy.

Before you begin, cover yourself with a light blanket because your body will cool down as it relaxes. When you finish the meditation, please make sure you have a glass of water because you’re body will feel a little dehydrated.

Because it’s quite possible that you may fall asleep when listening to the meditation, please don’t listen to it while your driving!

Please note the format is a 27MB Windows Media Audio file

Any donation will be received with humble gratitude and deep appreciation.

5 thoughts on “Guided Meditation

    • Hi Helen – I’ve tried to send the meditation as an attachment to your email address but it exceeds 25MB and so I can’t send it via gmail or via my Curtin uni account, so I’ll have to post it to you. Please send me your postal address to

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