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Pilgrimage to the Womb World

2014 Pilgrimage – Journey into the Womb World of the Divine Feminine For this year’s pilgrimage, I will be undertaking mountain ascetic practices at sacred sites associated with the Divine Feminine in Japan. Undertaking a pilgrimage, especially in mountains, is … Continue reading

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Rose-coloured Glasses

To look at life through “rose-coloured glasses” means to see things as better than they really are, or to think that things are more pleasant than they actually are. It has a negative connotation, as if the person with the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year of the Wood Horse

[This is a repost from my Buddhist Astrology blog] Happy New Year of the Wood Horse, fellow pilgrims 🙂 I wish you all blessings for a joyful year full of nurture, peace and love. Today is the first day of … Continue reading

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Why Astrology?

For many people it may seem strange that as a Buddhist priest I would work with astrology, because astrology is often condemned as irrational and mere superstitious nonsense, whereas Buddhism is a highly respected philosophy and religious institution based firmly … Continue reading

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Winding up the Year of the Snake

Hello Fellow Pilgrims 🙂 At last I have finished my BA in Japanese at Curtin University and I’m looking forward to returning to my role as a Buddhist priest and counsellor, renewing my acquaintance with you and continuing our journey … Continue reading

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