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The heart of the matter

I’ve been thinking about starting another blog specifically for exploring the Heart of Wisdom Sutra, the shortest of the hundreds (thousands?) of Buddhist sacred texts, that encapsulates the profoundest teachings of Buddhism. It has been the foundational text of all … Continue reading

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Hello again…

My retreat from cyberspace wasn’t quite as I expected. In fact, not long after I decided to take a break from all things internet, I started another blog as part of my university studies! This is my last year in … Continue reading

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108 Blessings

New Year’s Eve in Japan is not an occasion for partying (that happens with gusto during the cherry blossom season!) but instead is a time for reflection upon the passing year and for honouring the arrival of the coming new … Continue reading

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Good things come in fives

Over on my Kitchen Sink Zen blog, “Good things come in fives“, ¬†looks at why Japanese tableware comes in sets of five and how this comes from the Buddhist teachings of the Five Buddha Families. You can read this entry … Continue reading

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Juggling the sun and the moon

In Buddhist teachings there is always an emphasis on trying to achieve balance in all aspects of our lives, in an effort to reach a state of equanimity (stability and calmness). This is why it is called the “Middle Way” … Continue reading

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