Hello there Fellow Pilgrim

I am just an everyday housewife, and I also happen to be a Buddhist priest ordained in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition of Japan, where I lived for about twelve years.

Whilst there are many great teachers at well-established Buddhist centres around the world offering great wisdom to their students, I feel that there is much to be learned in the simple tasks and observations of everyday life. The teachings that I have received from ordinary and extraordinary people I’ve met in the course of my travels – whether in Japan or just up the street – have helped me greatly in my life’s journey. And I also learn daily lessons from the sun and stars, the earth and plants, my pets and the animal visitors to my garden. The deepest truths lie in the taste of a cup of tea or the way the light touches the dewey grass.

In this blog I want to share with you the insights passed on to me from these everyday “teachers” in the hope that they might also inspire you. This blog is a chat with you, whilst sharing a cup of tea here in my little rustic temple Wabi’an. Please feel free to leave a message and let’s continue the conversation. To read more about my work as a Buddhist priest at Wabi’an Buddhist hermitage, please visit my website: www.catekodojuno.com.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear friend, companion on this journey,

    You are doing such a nice work with your blog! Thank you for sharing with us!

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my Dharma education project :http://igg.me/at/way-to-happiness/x/803523

    Sometimes, in order to be happy, it’s necessary to learn how to do it. The way to happiness is in the service of the happiness of others.

    „This is my motivation, that’s why I am here! I did not run from a different way of life, I ran towards a way of life that can be meaningful and helpful both for me and for many others.”

    Please do check and let me know your opinion. Should you be interested to share with others, please fee free 🙂 Thank you very much, and I hope to receive your favorably response soon!

    • Thank you Vlad – it is inspiring to see young people like yourself taking the Dharma so seriously and working towards the Bodhisattva ideal. May Manjusri bless you with wisdom and bring success to your project.

  2. lovely to know you are following your inner wisdom,and forsaking youthful striving. love Suzannah in Armidale N.S.W.

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