Kitchen Sink Zen blog

In 2009, I started a blog especially about shojin-ryori – Japanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine – called Kitchen Sink Zen. But the gmail account associated with that blog got hijacked not long after I had started and I didn’t know what to do to retrieve it. However, I’ve been engaging in a steep cyber-learning curve trying to get my head around the technicalities of the blogosphere and  just found out how to salvage my old account. I’m so happy about that and I am now going to continue with my Kitchen Sink Zen blog as well as this one. The difference will be that Kitchen Sink Zen focusses entirely on shojin-ryori cuisine, but Cuppa with Cate will ramble onto other topics as I encounter new and old wisdom friends in my everyday life. So this blog is sharing a chat with you over a leisurely cup of tea and the other blog will be when I pull up my sleeves and get into the kitchen. Please drop by for a chat here at the table in the garden or pop over and see what’s cooking in the kitchen.

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